On April 27th, 2024, Balenciaga opens a three-floor Tokyo flagship in the newly rebuilt Toraya Ginza Building, the first in Ginza, Tokyo. Located on the ground level and the two levels above that, it will offer the latest Balenciaga men’s and women’s creations, as well as Balenciaga Ginza exclusives.
Exclusive wagashi inspired by Balenciaga products will be served by the most iconic and established centuries old Toraya Confectionery on opening days. An exclusive Balenciaga Ginza Series will be presented including ready-to-wear featuring Ginza Tokyo graphics, a Triple S Sneaker with a Ginza Tokyo tag and exclusive colorways for Balenciaga’s iconic handbags.

The space’s aesthetic follows the brand’s experiential Raw Architecture concept. A deconstructed glass-paneled façade shows all three floors as integrated, resembling the stacked nature of a parking structure. Two white-lit Balenciaga signs, one suspended at the store’s center level, announce the store from a street view. Chipped stone and mortar floors are poured with resin in slick spills that appear accidental or covered with interlocking metal plates.

The store’s construction respects existing elements, exposing accumulated histories, and inherently resulting in the use of fewer virgin materials, in keeping with Balenciaga’s commitment to sustainable methods.


Floors 1 – 3
7-8-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Ginza Tokyo Flagship Store Opening

Ginza Tokyo Flagship Store Opening

Ginza Tokyo Flagship Store Opening

Balenciaga celebrates local craft and artisanal institutions proposing specially designed hand-crafted ceramic tea bowls and vases, curated by modern ceramic art experts Ginza Kuroda Touen that will be available in limited quantities for the opening.

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