Launching on May 10th, 2024, a campaign photographed by Mario Sorrenti showcases the Balenciaga Rodeo Bag, an instant icon named for the world-famous intersection of luxury and fashion, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The series features Australian actor and Balenciaga brand ambassador Nicole Kidman, Chinese actor and singer Yang Chaoyue, and American model Amelia Gray. Their individuality is on display, set against a soft grey field in striking portraits. The Balenciaga Rodeo Bag is crafted in exquisite calfskin with a matte finish. Its one-of-a-kind construction and versatile closure options effect a relaxed attitude. Pre-worn pleats, softened piping, and raw edges call to mind a favorite item worn daily, or an heirloom passed between generations.

Included in the campaign are a selection of charms that are individually added for customization and differentiation purposes. The decorations or their absence imbue each Rodeo Bag with its own unique personality, complementing its wearer’s.