Aware and convinced of the challenges linked to sustainability, Balenciaga has acted to reduce the environmental impact of its creativity and activity while pursuing progress within fundamentally important social issues.

We are committed to the sustainable and ethical management of our operations. The goal of reducing our environmental impact influences our decisions. At all levels and in all locales—whether at offices and stores or along the supply chain—we respect high standards for social and ecological responsibility. Balenciaga is also fur-and exotic leather-free.


For several years, Balenciaga has committed to reducing its footprint within the design and production processes of its collections, as well as its offices, events, stores, and packaging, for example by introducing more responsible, recycled, and upcycled materials in lieu of others.

The remaining carbon emissions generated by all our activities along the supply chain in scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the GHG Protocol are carefully calculated, and we commit to invest funds into carbon removal projects that protect and restore natural ecosystems.

In addition, we have chosen to partner with Reforestum to raise awareness about the carbon footprint associated with every e-commerce purchase, by sponsoring three dedicated agroforestry projects in South America, Asia, and Europe.

By implementing innovative techniques and textiles without compromising creativity, the House also educates its audience on the possibilities of sustainable practices in luxury.


For over one hundred years, Balenciaga has been recognized as a major, unique, and legitimate House in fashion and luxury by offering uncompromising creativity. It is with the same high standards that the House consistently reinvents itself in order to answer the environmental and societal challenges with which we are constantly presented.

Innovation is ultimately experimentation, which is essential to Balenciaga's creative process as well as how we run our business. Experimentation also creates new unforeseen obstacles that challenge our methods and drives continual evolution. Our goal is to innovate without harming humans or our environment while respecting the welfare of animals. It is through our research and development of materials and manufacturing processes that we are proposing a renewed and responsible fashion system.

Balenciaga is committed to meeting a target of 100% metal-free tanned leather in our collections and to reach 100% alignment with our parent company Kering’s Standards for Raw Materials and Manufacturing Processes by 2025. This ambitious commitment will take several steps. We will regularly update the information on this website for the sake of transparency.

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