Demna’s playlist was released on September 10th, 2021. It featured 13 hours of his favorite music, including tracks by some of the artists that provided Balenciaga playlists. The first limited-edition merch products featured nametag graphic that reads Hello, My Name Is Demna.

Balenciaga Artistic Director Demna personally chose a group of influential artists to create original playlists that are announced over time, along with limited-edition Balenciaga product releases.

Artists whose work has greatly inspired Demna throughout his life are invited to share their own musical universes with personal references and music they themselves enjoy listening to.

“The Balenciaga x Apple Music playlists will be by some of my favorite music artists, each of whom I have personally selected,” said Demna Gvasalia about the new endeavor. “These playlists will represent their personal tastes and influences, giving insight into what they listen to in their own lives.

“To launch the project, I decided to release my own playlist, including some favorite tracks that I listen to every day. This playlist is a musical introduction and representation of me. This is why it is called Hello, My Name Is Demna.”

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