Working within a set of unexpected limitations, the design and development of Balenciaga’s Spring 21 collection reflects a particular type of personal creativity. As precautions surrounding an international crisis closed factories and studios, it was created in isolated environments, by a remote team. Inspiration came from what people tend to wear when truly dressing for themselves, using an existing language to express new ideas.

Using cherished signatures, themes of adolescence are layered with fresh silhouettes and fluid tailoring, offering alternative perspectives by mixing intentions. Fabrics and shapes associated with activewear, lounging, partying, or fancy events are deconstructed and recontextualized. Spring 21 bags are reinterpretations of new Balenciaga classics. The Tyrex, Vibram Toe, and Pantashoes are available in new colors as well. Molded flip-flops and embroidered hotel slippers exhibit dual outdoor and indoor functionality.

To introduce the Spring 21 collection, the shop team was enlisted to produce a series of images in the style of e-com pages, each accompanied by relevant information. The resulting look book aesthetically closes a gap between the collection presentation and its availability.