Printemps 19



The Spring 19 collection is the result of the new method of integrating the creative direction of Balenciaga Women and Men. From the Winter 18 runway show, high-tech 3-D molded tailoring and the multi-fused garments are rephrased to merge last season’s innovations into the joint vocabulary of the everyday Balenciaga wardrobe.

The translations of high concept silhouettes suggest new ways of contrasting formal jackets and coats with open-necked shrunk-cut shirts, bootcut jeans and chiselled black leather shoes for men. Waisted, alt-modern shaping crosses both sides of the collection, the tweed checked coats are matched with knitted thigh-high boots for women.

The Balenciaga slant on signatures, symbols, and brand graphics continues this season with a multinational all-over print dress that includes the LGBTQ rainbow, and a shopping bag bearing the international sign for Gender Equality.