Launching in February of 2024 in stores worldwide and on, the Balenciaga Rodeo Bag is named after the Beverly Hills shopping district Rodeo Drive, a world-famous intersection of luxury and fashion.

The Rodeo’s one-of-a-kind construction offers versatile wear: a tilted shape makes for easy carry in which the front compartment is left intentionally open, effecting a laissez-faire aesthetic, reinforced side snaps on accordion folds allow for a slimmer yet expandable option.

The Rodeo is crafted in exquisite calfskin that demands exceptional tanning, finishing, and cutting expertise. The leather’s smooth transparent finish allows for the visibility of its inherent qualities, namely natural flawlessness that obtains a soft patina over time. The bag’s two roomy compartments are lined with glove-grade lambskin and two conjoined flat pockets adorn its back.

Pre-worn pleats, softened piping, and raw edges on the bag’s upper portion call to mind a favorite item worn every day for an extended period with subtle markings suggesting the passage of time.

The Rodeo has discreet logos on the double lock closure system and on the interior, a thin leather strap fastened with snap-hooks and four base feet.

The Balenciaga Rodeo Bag comes in small, medium, and large sizes, in black, grey, or white leather, with gold or silver metal hardware.

Collector versions come with an assortment of charms that include a heart-shaped leather-framed mirror, a set of heart-shaped carabiners, a chain of lockets and keys, souvenir-style pendants, and a Balenciaga retail tag in leather.