Winter 24

Winter 24



Hi, I thought to record this voicemail as a sort of introduction for the next show.

As you know, I like to question things that matter to me through my work, and some of the questions I have been thinking about recently are: what is luxury? What is fashion and why does it even matter? Who do I di what I do for? Is fashion enough? In a world oversaturated by content, is anything ever enough? What is enough? The important part is not necessarily finding answers, but the process of questioning in itself.

Luxury is by definition a sort of scarcity, something that is not infinitely available. What seems to be truly rare and finite right now is, actually, creativity itself. I believe that creativity has secretly become a new form of luxury.

I wanted this show to represent a link between the past and the future of Balenciaga as a house based on creative value. It starts with silhouettes and themes directly inspired by the legacy of Cristóbal and evolves into further experimentation with the ideas that make up my body of work: the rethinking of the concept of beauty, the forging of an immediately recognizable style and the consideration of how the body interacts with garments.

This collection is about the aesthetic that I have been evolving in fashion for exactly ten years now. It is about identifying with and belonging to this aesthetic. It is also about the fashion that matters to me.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Debuting on March 7th, 2024, Balenciaga has produced three short behind-thescenes footage films set in its design atelier. This footage shows a snapshot of the craftsmanship and innovation that go into creating certain pieces from the Winter 24 Collection, debuted on March 3rd in Paris. The techniques revealed in these videos were developed specifically for this season. They exemplify the collection’s themes, such as rethinking the concept of beauty, forging an immediately recognizable style, and how the body interacts with clothing.
One clip details the process of creating dresses that appear both frozen and in motion, using a multi-step technique that involves a resin coating that, in effect, petrifies organic pleats. Another video shows meticulously draped garments being sewn and then styled for the runway with bands of translucent tape, seemingly wrapped in a rush as if part of makeshift packinging. Yet another video zeroes in on the collaging of a layered top, made with intentional messiness, and the show’s closing look: a dress consisting of fifty bras that were individually placed and embroidered onto a dress form.
A Balenciaga beanie from the Winter 24 Collection obscures the eyes but allows one to see, incognito.