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As music is an inherent part of Balenciaga’s culture and creative force, the Balenciaga Music platform was conceived to offer a 360 experience that includes hand-selected playlists, limited-edition merchandise, exclusive content, and interactive campaigns. It introduces mixes made by a variety of artists working all over the world through a large variety of genres, individually selected by Demna. These artists are invited to share their musical influences, collaborate on products, and/or produce original compositions—especially for Balenciaga. The platform also catalogues sounds created for runway shows and other activations. The development of new technology, such as wearable NFC chips, allows for special listening experiences within this ever-evolving project.

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February 20th, 2024 marks the official launch of a multi-faceted collaboration between Balenciaga and the late award-winning American composer and arranger Angelo Badalamenti (March 22nd, 1937–December 11th, 2022). The project began in May 2020, before Badalamenti’s passing, and is being released as a tribute in his honor in partnership with his alma-mater, Manhattan School of Music, and his daughter, Danielle Badalamenti.
As part of the Balenciaga Music Series, an original playlist that was hand-selected by Badalamenti featuring a compilation of his own works will be available to stream or download at balenciaga.com/angelobadalamenti.
This playlist, series, and campaign will also announce a partnership with Manhattan School of Music, the conservatory where Badalamenti received his bachelor’s and master’s degree, and composition department head Dr. Reiko Fueting. As an homage to Badalamenti that in turn teaches students about his impressive oeuvre, this partnership involves the creation of a dedicated master class that invites participants to compose inspired original works to continue the late composer’s legacy. The masterclass, sponsored by Balenciaga, will be offered gratis for students currently attending Manhattan School of Music.
Angelo Badalamenti was an acclaimed composer and arranger, widely known for his film scores and pop collaborations. He received his degrees from Manhattan School of Music in the 1950s. He worked closely with director David Lynch starting in 1986, when he soundtracked the film Blue Velvet. Among his many awards are a Best Pop Instrumental Performance Grammy for the Twin Peaks theme, and several lifetime achievement honors

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