Balenciaga I LOVE PETS products support animal welfare by promoting and supporting the option to adopt a rescue animal. 10% of the I LOVE PETS products’ proceeds are donated to La SPA, one of the oldest animal protection associations in the world.

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Consider adopting a shelter or rescue animal.

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Provide a pet the chance of a better life

Adopting a pet is a serious decision!

Adopting a pet involves the whole family and is a long-term commitment. Make sure you're ready for it.

An animal is a living creature who deserves attention and love!

Before adopting an animal, consider important points. Rushing into the adoption process could cause long-term negative effects for you and your pet.

Four mistakes to avoid:

  • Adopting on a whim
  • Underestimating the responsibilities of owing a pet
  • Bringing a pet home before asking your family
  • Choosing an animal that does not fit your lifestyle

Owning a pet is a great responsibility!

Taking care of a pet costs money (expect to pay for veterinary care, food, and travel accessories), energy, and time. Keep in mind that your pet may be with you until the end of its life. It will depend on you for nourishment and love.

Deciding to adopt is an act of kindness!

Responsible adoption will make a pet in need happy. It can also enrich your life in immeasurable ways.

Adopting a rescue pet is saving two lives!

Millions of animals end up in shelters each year. By adopting an animal, you save two lives at once: Giving one pet a new home makes room for another pet in need of shelter or rescue space. By adopting, you are breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation. Shelters and rescue facilities have a wide variety of breeds and ages, from purebreds to mutts and from infants to adults, all in need of a happy home. Adopt, don’t shop.

La spa's missions:

  • Tackling abuse and abandonment
  • Collecting and housing abandoned, lost, or mistreated animals
  • Educating the public—in particular young people—about animal protection
  • Empowering pet owners
  • Engaging with public authorities to advance the cause.

Contact your local pet shelter to find your new friend!

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