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Replacement parts

Replacement parts may be purchased at any Balenciaga boutique. Please visit the Boutiques section for Balenciaga boutiques throughout the world.

Distribution network

Balenciaga only offers its merchandise for sale through the following limited methods of distribution: (1) Balenciaga boutiques; (2) Balenciaga outlet stores; (3) Authorized department stores and their websites; (4) Authorized specialty stores; (5) Online Authorized Retailers and (6) Limited duty-free locations and (7) on the internet at balenciaga.com. Balenciaga DOES NOT offer its merchandise for sale through individuals, street vendors, unauthorized retail locations or unauthorized websites. In an effort to protect its valuable brand and loyal customer, Balenciaga reserves the right to refuse the sale of Balenciaga products to individuals engaging in reselling or transshipping activities. Please contact us to report counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors of Balenciaga merchandise.

Women’s Online Authorised Retailers:

Men’s Online Authorised Retailers:

Regarding the authenticity of products sold online or in store, please contact the Balenciaga Customer Care.

Authenticity & Counterfeit

Balenciaga products are crafted with the highest-quality materials, design and workmanship. Balenciaga guarantees the authenticity of all products purchased through Balenciaga online. All Balenciaga products are individually controlled for quality by Balenciaga’s specialists.

Balenciaga takes counterfeiting very seriously and takes legal action against any persons, stores, or websites that sell Balenciaga counterfeit products. Counterfeiting is selling knockoff or imitation products as genuine Balenciaga goods.
• Counterfeit Balenciaga products are typically of poor quality and lack the details and workmanship that make each Balenciaga product high-quality.
• Counterfeiting has been linked to organized crime, child labor, and terrorism.

Product availability instore

If the product you are looking for is not displayed online, Balenciaga kindly invites the client to contact a Balenciaga boutique, as they may have additional products other than what is show online. Please visit the Boutiques section for Balenciaga boutiques throughout the world.


All of Balenciaga leather products have unique qualities. A special treatment has been developed to maintain the soft hand of the leather, giving it a distinctive vintage appearance. For the best possible care of a product, Balenciaga recommends to protect it from water and direct sources of heat and light. Balenciaga also recommends to clean the article with a dry flannel cloth and store it in its flannel bag.

For Balenciaga ready-to-wear pieces, Balenciaga recommends dry cleaning, unless otherwise instructed on the care label inside the garment.